The Magician

The Magician 1

The Fool took that first step. He took the leap of faith

The Magician takes action.

The first step after the leap of faith is to create your new future

The Magician is the archetype of the divine masculine. He is active, creative, and driven.

He channels the energy of the universe and he has the tools to create whatever he can design.

He has all of the tools of the suits of the tarot laid out within his reach; the wand, the sword, the cup, and the pentacle. In the RWS deck his left hand his receiving the divine force and his right hand is using that force to create.

Where the fool is wide-eyed and innocent, the magician has experience and drive to create his own reality. The Magician is shown wearing a white(purity) tunic and a red(experience/energy) robe. He has the lemniscate over his head, indicating that the infinite universe is there for creation. He is surrounded by flowers and vines, symbolizing life and his success.

When the Magician comes up in readings he indicates that it’s a time to act, to harness the power at your hand. He encourages focus. When the Magician appears, it is time to manifest what you may have been putting off.

When you see the Magician, reflect – what do i WANT (yes, in caps). Why do i want that? What is blocking me from getting that? Then REMOVE blocks and get to it.

Make it happen. Make it happen now

Manifestation rituals – down and dirty – bay leaf – yes that bay leaf! Go into your kitchen and grab one. Think on what you want, write it on the leave, then burn (in a fire safe container always SAFETY FIRST!)

Have you done manifestation work? What has worked for you?
in the past?
There are more complicated rituals, you are more than encouraged to look some up on your own,

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