The High Priestess

The High Priestess is stillness and quiet. Her mind is the home of intuition and instincts. She represents the moon and all the moon represents

. Emotions flow in the form of water at her feet. All the water in the tarot flows from her. She is the still, and passive guard between the conscious and the unconscious. She is the gatekeeper of light and dark.

When the High Priestess appears, reflect on your situation and what your intuition is telling you. She sits holding the wisdom of the universe, it’s yours to discover.

You are invigorated with the manifestation energy from The Magician, however you are having issues reaching your potential. The High Priestess steps in and ask you to look deep into yourself. Where is your blockage? Meditating on this is key to discover how you are preventing yourself from taking that next step. Once we unlock the keys to our own potential, we are limitless.

The High Priestess card and her quiet still energy is a great card to meditate on. Have a piece of moonstone or rose quartz in your hand. Picture yourself bathed in blue light with her in the front of the room. All is still and quiet. You have no choice but to sit in the stillness and examine your thoughts. Do this if you are having trouble taking that next step and see what happens.

Look at what phase the moon is in. really try to feel the waxing, the waning, the new, and the full

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