The High Priestess

The High Priestess is stillness and quiet. Her mind is the home of intuition and instincts. She represents the moon and all the moon represents

. Emotions flow in the form of water at her feet. All the water in the tarot flows from her. She is the still, and passive guard between the conscious and the unconscious. She is the gatekeeper of light and dark.

When the High Priestess appears, reflect on your situation and what your intuition is telling you. She sits holding the wisdom of the universe, it’s yours to discover.

You are invigorated with the manifestation energy from The Magician, however you are having issues reaching your potential. The High Priestess steps in and ask you to look deep into yourself. Where is your blockage? Meditating on this is key to discover how you are preventing yourself from taking that next step. Once we unlock the keys to our own potential, we are limitless.

The High Priestess card and her quiet still energy is a great card to meditate on. Have a piece of moonstone or rose quartz in your hand. Picture yourself bathed in blue light with her in the front of the room. All is still and quiet. You have no choice but to sit in the stillness and examine your thoughts. Do this if you are having trouble taking that next step and see what happens.

Look at what phase the moon is in. really try to feel the waxing, the waning, the new, and the full

The Magician

The Magician 1

The Fool took that first step. He took the leap of faith

The Magician takes action.

The first step after the leap of faith is to create your new future

The Magician is the archetype of the divine masculine. He is active, creative, and driven.

He channels the energy of the universe and he has the tools to create whatever he can design.

He has all of the tools of the suits of the tarot laid out within his reach; the wand, the sword, the cup, and the pentacle. In the RWS deck his left hand his receiving the divine force and his right hand is using that force to create.

Where the fool is wide-eyed and innocent, the magician has experience and drive to create his own reality. The Magician is shown wearing a white(purity) tunic and a red(experience/energy) robe. He has the lemniscate over his head, indicating that the infinite universe is there for creation. He is surrounded by flowers and vines, symbolizing life and his success.

When the Magician comes up in readings he indicates that it’s a time to act, to harness the power at your hand. He encourages focus. When the Magician appears, it is time to manifest what you may have been putting off.

When you see the Magician, reflect – what do i WANT (yes, in caps). Why do i want that? What is blocking me from getting that? Then REMOVE blocks and get to it.

Make it happen. Make it happen now

Manifestation rituals – down and dirty – bay leaf – yes that bay leaf! Go into your kitchen and grab one. Think on what you want, write it on the leave, then burn (in a fire safe container always SAFETY FIRST!)

Have you done manifestation work? What has worked for you?
in the past?
There are more complicated rituals, you are more than encouraged to look some up on your own,

The Fool

We are all on our Fool’s journey.  The tarot begins and ultimately comes back to the Fool.  The Fool is 0, the beginning and the end.  

Eden Gray coined the term “Fool’s Journey” in her book The Complete Guide to the Tarot in 1970.  The Fool’s journey can also be viewed as the Hero’s Journey, made popular by Joseph Campbell.  We are the star of our own story, and every story has a beginning. The Fool symbolizes that beginning. 

The Fool has a carefree feel.  They are dressed jauntily, and have a bindle packed for an adventure.  Their face is tilted up, looking to the sky, ready for whatever is to come.  The Fool is on the precipice and could very well fall off the cliff. The Fool represents new beginnings, faith in what is to come.  No growth comes without that faith. The Fool could fall off the cliff and break some bones. Is this a failure? No, it is a lesson to have faith, and also be aware of your surroundings.  

When the Fool comes up in a reading, it can indicate a fresh start or a new journey.  Some keywords are: originality, be spontaneous, have faith, and be open to a new idea when it presents itself.  

It is ruled by Air, to me, the fool has their head in the clouds.  The Fool’s ruling planet is Uranus, the planet of innovation and progressive ideas. Take the cue from the Fool and take yourself to the next level.