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The Fool

We are all on our Fool’s journey.  The tarot begins and ultimately comes back to the Fool.  The Fool is 0, the beginning and the end.  

Eden Gray coined the term “Fool’s Journey” in her book The Complete Guide to the Tarot in 1970.  The Fool’s journey can also be viewed as the Hero’s Journey, made popular by Joseph Campbell.  We are the star of our own story, and every story has a beginning. The Fool symbolizes that beginning. 

The Fool has a carefree feel.  They are dressed jauntily, and have a bindle packed for an adventure.  Their face is tilted up, looking to the sky, ready for whatever is to come.  The Fool is on the precipice and could very well fall off the cliff. The Fool represents new beginnings, faith in what is to come.  No growth comes without that faith. The Fool could fall off the cliff and break some bones. Is this a failure? No, it is a lesson to have faith, and also be aware of your surroundings.  

When the Fool comes up in a reading, it can indicate a fresh start or a new journey.  Some keywords are: originality, be spontaneous, have faith, and be open to a new idea when it presents itself.  

It is ruled by Air, to me, the fool has their head in the clouds.  The Fool’s ruling planet is Uranus, the planet of innovation and progressive ideas. Take the cue from the Fool and take yourself to the next level.

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